Women:  Have worry, anxiety, overwhelm, or depression taken over, stealing your joy and vitality, or life as it once was?

Are you in a difficult stage of grief and loss?

Is being a mom draining you, leaving no time to relax and replenish yourself?

If you answered yes or maybe to any of the above, you may get relief from therapy.  I believe this because, for over 15 years, I’ve helped many women and moms in my role as their therapist.

You might be noticing that…

  • you lose your temper and then regret it, or that people easily get on your nerves
  • anxiety is stealing your sleep, memory, and productivity, triggering perfectionism or second-guessing yourself
  • you have withdrawn from others, may be depressed, and started to shut down
  • you can’t do this alone and want help

If you’re struggling with…

  • juggling work, your relationship and parenthood
  • major life transitions
  • family conflict, or issues from your past
  • the demands of school or an overly-stressful job
  • dating, getting married, breaking up, or starting over
  • anxiety, panic, grief, loss or depression

…I’d like to help.

I’m Brenda Corderman, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Brea, CA who, for over 15 years, has helped women and moms through anxiety, panic, depression, grief and loss. I also help resolve women’s parenting struggles, relationship problems, and starting over after a breakup, divorce, or death of a spouse or partner.

Most of us weren’t fully-prepared for life’s messiness. You may feel like you are all alone, manning the ship. But, you realize you can’t any longer.  And, that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s hope. I’d like to help provide the tools in therapy to make the changes, big or small, that will help you lead the life that you have wanted.

Counseling is a place where I’ll provide you supportive listening, question answering, help you with and through your thoughts and feelings, while providing practical tools, in a safe, supportive, confidential place, where you can process any on your concerns.  It will feel good to have a licensed therapist on your side in this fast-paced, high-pressured world we live in.

So, if ….

  • you’re grieving, anxious, panicky, or depressed
  • your self-esteem and confidence have taken a hit, and you want them back
  • you want to meet safe, healthy people, and say no to those who bring drama into your life
  • you’re committed to making your marriage/relationship work, but need tools to be a better wife or partner
  • you’re going through a breakup, and want help interacting or co-parenting with your ex
  • you’re stressed out by the demands of parenting or the expectations of being a girlfriend or wife
  • you want help to heal from past trauma or abuse

…individual therapy is the place to start.

It’s hard going this road alone. But, you don’t have to. You can get the support you need in therapy.

I provide a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive environment. I’ll bring skilled questioning and listening to get to know you, and to help you process unresolved issues.

We will work together to find solutions and choices that are within your belief system, while helping you feel better about yourself, confident in your decisions, and creating a renewed, meaningful life.

My office is in Brea, North Orange County, between the Brea Mall and Brea Blvd., and is close to its surrounding communities of La Habra, Whittier, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and Placentia.

You can reach me at 909-260-2736, email me, or complete the form below. I return calls and emails ASAP, and within 24 hours. I am happy to answer questions you may have, or set an appointment to get started.

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