Did your once-happy relationship end in a breakup, separation or divorce?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the new changes in your life?

Breakups, coupled with the challenge of managing overwhelming emotions, can impact all areas of your life, making it difficult to concentrate, to trust that you’re making good decisions and to be productive at home and work. The weight of the emotions may be depleting your energy, making it difficult to take good care of yourself. Know this: These are normal reactions as you are grieving the loss of your relationship.

Although it may seem like it, these challenges won’t last forever. I know. I can help.

Breakups are hard, especially if you “brought your all” and “gave your best” to your relationship. You may feel hurt or confused if your faith/religion/upbringing taught you that divorce is wrong or a sin.

Breakups are even tougher when you’re a parent. There’s so many changes at once, often a relocation, change of schools, daycare or childcare and neighbors. You’re doing your best to see that the changes don’t harm your children, but worry about any longterm impact they may cause. Know this: I’ve helped many single parents and believe I can help you, as well.

Relationships and marriages are challenging, especially if you tried everything you could think of to get yours back on track. Now that the relationship is over, you may be experiencing feelings of failure and ineptitude. Know this: You’re not a failure. That’s the sadness talking.

You’re not alone. You tried your best. I can help. Life will get better. I have time-tested tools (including faith-based counseling if you are interested) to help you heal and co-parent in a loving, healthy way.

I’m here to help you wherever you are in your journey. You can reach me at 909-260-2736. Or, you can email me. I’m happy to answer any questions that weren’t addressed on my questions page on this site or to set an appointment to get started.

I have served Brea and its surrounding communities of La Habra, Whittier, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Chino Hills and Orange County since 2007, and have been in private practice for 10 years.  You can learn more about me on my Meet Brenda and Questions pages or call me at 909-260-2736.


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