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Interracial Couple

Are you a woman struggling with...

  • anxiety, grief or depression?
  • chronic pain or illness?
  • an empty nest or midlife transition?
  • the effects from a trauma or breakup?
  • unhealthy relationships, or wanting to improve the ones you have?
  • putting everyone's needs ahead of yours and resenting it?
  • setting healthy boundaries and limits?
  • making time for yourself and self-care?

Are you a couple or family who...

  • appears to have it all together, but are privately struggling?
  • wants help with communication?
  • disagrees on parenting?
  • doesn't understand or support each others' points of view?
  • feels shut down, unheard, and not cared for?
  • lacks empathy for one another?
  • is overbooked with work, kids, etc with minimal quiet time?
  • have lost your connection, but want to do everything you can to make it work?

If so, therapy can help.  

For over 20 years, I've helped women, couples and families heal from these challenges and life issues, and I want to help you, too. 

If you feel apprehensive about talking to a therapist you don't know, that's understandable. But, I'm easy to talk to, am a good listener, and am here to help, not judge you.

I'd like to help you process your thoughts and feelings, doubts and worries, and anything that might be negatively impacting you and your loved ones.  This will allow us to challenge and change negative patterns and allow room for more joy, connection, and intimacy.

Pain from the past can keep you stuck.  While you can't change the fact that you've had some painful experiences, we can work together to better understand them, grieve them, and let them go.  

We can also work on behaviors or negative perceptions that are holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life at home and work.  This process can bring you closer to a "new you", where you feel empowered, confident, and healthy.

If you're a woman or couple, age 21 or older, and are looking for support and guidance from an experienced therapist, who is also a warm and caring listener, call me at (714) 989-9810, email me, or complete the contact form on this site.  I'm happy to answer questions about therapy or schedule an appointment to get started.