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You're great at taking care of others.Let's put that energy into taking care of you.

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There are many types of loss.

You may be experiencing...

~ an actual loss, through death, divorce, a break up, abandonment, etc.

~ a perceived loss, where you haven't heard from a friend or loved one, and have no idea why.

~ a limbo loss (ex: a loved one battling a major illness and you don't know if they will make it)

The loss of a loved one can leave you with so many thoughts and feelings that need to be worked through.  

You may have experienced the loss of...

  • a close friendship
  • your boyfriend, partner or spouse
  • a pregnancy or child
  • a relative
  • your health
  • your career choice
  • your hopes and plans for the future
  • the emotional connection with your parents or adult children

Whether a death or other loss was expected, from a prolonged illness, or swift, catching you completely off guard, therapy can help you process all of your feelings, even those that you are not comfortable with, and help you to start anew.  

You may be feeling...

  • panicked
  • afraid
  • angry
  • sad
  • alone and lonely
  • helpless
  • disoriented and confused
  • shocked
  • depressed and hopeless

These feelings are expected when grieving someone or something that meant so much to you.  

You may be grieving the loss of how you thought your life would be (married for life, spending time with kids or grandkids, having a beautiful home, retiring by a certain age, earning a college degree or attaining work or financial security).

Whatever the circumstances, confidential, supportive therapy can help.  If you have questions about how therapy works, I'm happy to provide you with a free phone consultation.  Feel free to call (714) 989-9810, email me, or use the contact form on this site to have your questions answered or to set an appointment and get started on your path to healing.