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You're great at taking care of others.Let's put that energy into taking care of you.

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My passion lies in helping women through various challenges and stages in their lives.  So it follows that my motto is, "Helping women heal, Empowering them to thrive".

I've always had a strong desire to help others.  So in the mid 90's I decided to change careers.  I built on my undergraduate degree in psychology, and earned my masters, with honors, in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling.  

My 3 year clinically supervised internship focused on counseling women and children who were victims of crime or at risk for abuse or neglect.  I was a parenting educator to help reunite families and later worked as a clinical supervisor in a psychiatric hospital.

I've been in private practice for over 15 years.  It's given me the freedom to help a population I am very passionate about -- women who are stuck, starting over, or are going through painful transitions in their lives.  I also counsel women who live with chronic illness and pain.

The clinical issues I treat include...

  • anxiety and panic
  • depression 
  • grief and loss

I also help heal issues that are challenging to women, including...

  • chronic pain (fibromyalgia, neuropathy, etc)
  • co-dependency
  • divorce or separation
  • emotional abuse
  • family, peer and relational conflict
  • healing from emotional and narcissistic abuse
  • unhealthy parenting styles
  • difficult life transitions (divorce, menopause, empty nest, new career)
  • narcissistic partner abuse
  • poor self-esteem
  • trauma and PTSD

I also provide faith-based therapy for Christian women.

When I'm not seeing clients, I'm catching the latest binge-worthy series on Netflix, taking small getaways, and hanging with family, friends, and the ever-present fur babies.  

But, back to you! If you think I may be able to help, or if you have questions for me, feel free to call me at (714) 989-9810, email me, or complete the contact form on this site. I'm happy to answer questions about therapy or schedule an appointment to get started.