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Interracial Couple

Do you want more satisfying and fulfilling relationships but are at a loss on how to find them?

Or, would you like help in bringing out the best in the relationship you're in?

Maybe you've had high hopes for your relationships, but they eventually fell short, leaving you frustrated and disappointed.  I help women and couples just like you. 

Relationships can be challenging, especially if you have tried everything and can’t seem to get on track.  You might be doing most of the work to repair or breathe life into it, which can be adding to your frustration and belief that nothing’s going to change.

Maybe you or your partner weren’t taught relationship skills growing up.  So, it’s no wonder that you (and many women and couples I counsel) had to learn by trial and error, listening to "experts" on tv, and reading self-help books.  Therapy is different.  

Like an actual physical injury, emotional injuries need to heal from the inside out.  If you haven’t been allowed the time to process and heal from hurt, you may bury it, medicate it, deny it, or keep reliving it. None of these are healthy options. Eventually, and often surprisingly, your hurt will come out again, often with more emotion than the original emotional wound.  

You live in a fast-paced culture that encourages quick relief from pain.  You may feel that you have to "get over it", “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” and “stop feeling sorry for yourself”.  These attitudes create a false sense of independence and actually increase isolation.  

So, before you turn to your friend, spouse or partner and start the same conversation that goes nowhere or ends up in an argument, before you medicate your sadness and hurt with food or alcohol, or before you work non-stop or shop till you drop, or seek intimate comfort in others outside of your relationship, I would like to help you heal in a healthy way.

By identifying and processing unresolved conflicts, or new, unexpected challenges, old wounds can heal, relationships can mend, and hearts can love again. 

If you're looking for support and guidance from an experienced therapist who is also a warm and caring listener, call me at (714) 989-9810, email me, or complete the contact form on this site. I'm happy to answer questions about therapy or schedule an appointment to get started.