What is online therapy?


Online therapy, e-therapy and tele-medicine all refer to receiving services from a distance using

videoconferencing.  I offer online therapy using HIPAA-compliant service doxy.me. 


Doxy.me is used by therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, etc.

After completing an intake, I will assess if online therapy is right for you.  (It is not the best tool if you are

interrupted during sessions, have poor internet connection, are suicidal, etc.)

Online therapy is best-suited for... 

  • clients who have busy, demanding work schedules 

  • those who live with chronic pain or illnesses, making driving to my office challenging

  • people who prefer technology to in-office visits

  • parents who lack childcare

The doxy.me platform only requires that you have a computer or smart phone with a mic and camera (so we

can see and hear one another), and a good internet connection. 


You can also use the free doxy.me app. 


No special hardware or software is needed. 

Doxy.me uses state-of- the-art security and encryption protocols, making it compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

If you have questions about online therapy or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact me.